About Phenomena

Who We Are

Phenomena Films has been providing film production services in the Asia-Pacific region for the past 15 years. We have a wealth of experience, at all budget levels, in bringing projects from the page to the soundstage, from the edit suite to the screen. We have excellent working relationships with a wide array of renowned, award-winning directors and versatile, experienced crew. We have close ties to all of Taiwan's high-quality yet reasonably-priced visual effects facilities.

Our international department specializes in projects in Japan and Mainland China - we understand the difficulties and concerns faced by English-speaking crews working in this part of the world. Our team speaks excellent English, Mandarin, and Japanese.We love our work and we've got what it takes! We're friendly, but driven! We're hoping that you can surprise us with an exciting challenge!

Where We Work

Our head office is in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2009 we established a branch office in Shanghai. We also have regular co-production partners in Tokyo.


-TV Commercial Film
-Music Video
-Websoda / Internet short film
-Company promo video